Juicing & 10 Uses For Orange Peels

I’ve recently become addicted to making our own juice.  The kids love squeezing their own glasses of orange juice.  Honestly, we’ve never been big juice people, well Jason is, but I was never thrilled with giving it to the kids, it just felt like extra sugar to me.  We started juicing as a way to sneak in an anti-fungal that tastes N.A.S.T.Y.  It didn’t do much to disguise it but fortunately we are now giving them something else and it is a little easier to hide in yogurt.  I desperately want to upgrade to an electrical juicer so I can start sneaking in things like spinach in and chase them around with a cup and straw.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  Everyone needs a sport right?  Mine is chasing kids for the goal of good nutrition.  HA!  I’ll admit our children have started to request “yogurt with nothing in it…” and “just plain applesauce mom…don’t touch it…I’ll get it…”  They are on to us and our tricks.  I’m thinking I want a Vita-Mix, but good grief, $400 for a blender?!  Ouch!  Does anyone have one and care to share a review on this or any other machine that may be a little (or a lot) less expensive?  What are you favorite juice / fruit / veggie juice combos?  I’m hoping to convince Jason to cash in his credit card points since I spent most of mine on Goodbyns (not so subtle hint hint).  Until then, we’ve been enjoying squeezing our own organic oranges and grapefruit every couple of days.  I like the big bags of juicer oranges from Whole Foods, they tend to produce more juice and you get more bang for your buck compared to buying them individually…

I hope they will grow up to remember these moments.  I want them to know where juice comes from, why it is good for them, that they are capable of making it themselves instead of buying it and that it doesn’t originate in a box with a straw attached!  I love knowing there is nothing extra added and we usually water it down a bit for them.   I’m extra careful not to give Teagan too much because the number one thing you can do to heal the immune system is to reduce sugar.  Yet when we start to get sick we are trained to run for OJ…why?  Vitamin C!  But it is better to get your Vitamin C from another source and reduce sugar to boost your system.

Anyway, the juice is in the fridge but I started wonder, what could I do with these?

Composting isn’t an option for us at this point because we back to a green space filled with critters and it attracts them.  Since I don’t like skunks/snakes, etc. and we haven’t found a way to donate to someone else’s compost stash just yet, I’m always looking for ways to use or reuse the “leftovers” our house produces.  It always feels so wasteful to get rid of yummy smelling orange peels after we squeeze our own juice so I searched the web for a few ideas on ways I can use them.  Here are a few of the ones that stood out:

  1. Run orange peels through the garbage disposal to freshen up a stinky garbage disposal. Add a few ice cubes and you’ll sharpen the disposal blades too.
  2. Use a fresh orange peel to scrub through the gunk in your sink. The natural oils in orange peel are an excellent cleaner and shine your sink too.
  3. Get rid of ants!    Put a few orange peels in a cup of warm water and make a puree in a blender.  Pour this solution into the anthills to prevent ants.
  4. Add a few peels  to some clover and boil it on your stovetop to scent your home.
  5. If you place a piece of orange peel in your bag of brown suger it will stay soft.
  6. Dried orange peels can be used as kindling at fire places. The flammable oils found inside the peels enable them to burn much longer than paper.
  7. Rub the leaves of your house plants with orange peel once a month and put some orange peels on the surface of the soil in potted plants which prevents them destroyed from cats.
  8. Make orange liquor by sealing a container filled with orange peels and vodka and put it in a dark place. A few weeks later, strain out the orange peels, and have orange infused vodka.
  9. Dried peels can be used as homemade bath oils.
  10. Apply orange peels over your exposed skin to repel the mosquitoes.

Sources:  Condo-Blues | Gomestic

At this very moment I have a pan of peels and cinnamon sticks boiling and my house has never smelled so good.  I’m so happy to have replaced the toxic candles we used to burn with something natural and useful (especially on fish for dinner nights which seem to be happening more and more).  I store the used peels in a bag in the fridge until I’m ready to use them as air freshener.  And when I’m done I’m going to clean my disposal with them!

ps – Did you notice I took pics of Teagan?  No pressure or emotional breakdowns looking through the lens thanks to my wonderful friend Michele.  It was nice to capture him again in a super casual way, like old times….a gift I fully appreciate.


Jamie - VITAMIX all the way! Best investment I ever made in an appliance. I used it to sneak in the green veggies in my children’s diet with smoothies, and now I have grand babies and I use it to make fresh organic baby food. You will definitely get your moneys worth. With a 2hp motor, it could actually grind bricks! Best homemade spaghetti sauce and fabulous hot soups is just a small tidbit of what this machine can do besides the obvious smoothies! Enjoy and thanks for your tips about oranges! Hate wasting anything!!

David - Count me as another rabid Vitamix fan; I used to hardly ever eat fruits or veggies, and now I end up having about a bazillion servings a day! The thing obliterates anything you put in it. You can throw a bunch of Kale/Spinach in there, add a banana and some berries, and make a delicious smoothie with TONS of nutrients.

A Blendtec does the same thing, I hear. DO NOT get a normal “juicer”. You end up throwing away all the good fiber, and end up with flavored sugar water that just makes your insulin spike.

Carrie Wibright - Lyndsay-
We used the Vitamix blender at our PJ’s Coffee. It is worth every penny. I have a friend’s son has a chromosome disorder, partial trisomy 1, and she recently bit the bullet and purchased the Vitamix. LOVES it and is able to provide her son with everything he needs via juicing/Vitamix.

Lorena Mora - Macy’s has a sale on the Breville right now, there’s 2 types one is under 200 and the other is under 300. I love carrot juice, although I can’t get my kids to drink it. Hope Teagan is doing good as well as the whole family.

Christy Q - I recommend the Breville Ikon Hemisphere LCD Blender. We’ve had ours for over a year now and we love it. We had been looking into the Vitamix but had done our research and saw that the Breville Ikon was a good blender for less (still a tad pricey but not as pricey). Couldn’t be happier with our decision! And we used a 20% off coupon too so that only sweetened the deal. :)

Nathalie - Coming out of stalker mode to pitch a Vitamix. Best machine I own! My mom gave it to me, but I was already set on spending the money on it b/c I was tired of blenders dying on me. The thing is powerful. My blender smoothies always had berry seeds in them (pet peeve), but the Vitamix pulverizes them. I made all of my twins’ purees in it, and I make almost daily smoothies. The motor is powerful. My last blender died when the motor overheated, but the Vitamix will shut itself down if it overheats (it happened when I was making beef puree for the kids). Now I use it to make salsa, guacamole, soup, etc. Rebecca is right– best blender EVER! No other blender can handle a daily workout like the Vitamix can. You won’t regret it.

PS– thanks for the daily inspiration. :-) I’m eliminating chemicals from our lives, too. It’s just not right that kids are exposed to such unhealthy elements. So thanks!

Rebecca - GET A VITAMIX!!!!!!! My ILs got my husband and me one as a bday gift a couple of years ago. Seriously, it does everything. Smoothies, juice, sorbet, soup. Seriously, it rocks. One of my H’s fav part of going to the fair is dropping by all the vitamix places for samples! He made a ice cream/sorbet last night that was good. Jamba Juice has been using them for a long time and Starbucks recently switched to them too. My ILs have had one for YEARS and they still use it almost every day. They are the BEST.BLENDER.EVER. You won’t regret it, I promise. FB if you want to chat about it!

MrsMillerTime - I super, puffy heart cleaning with orange peel extract. It smells so yummy. Oh. And they make “indoor” composting machines designed to not stink. I’m sure you could find a good option & keep it in your garage…

Kristina Provinsal - I absolutely love the blendtec and use it everyday! Smoothies everyday and I make soups with it and cashew cream. :) best buy I made when we changed our normal too. :)

Sarah - I like eating orange peels. LOL. Weird I know, but dried orange peel can be used to flavour cookies. You can also dry them. Remove the white bits to get rid of the most bitter and then cover them with chocolate. mmmm….

I’ve had a trop grade juice and it is just awesome! It died a few years ago, but carrot-apple-beet was Magali’s favourite. I like adding ginger to mine for a bit of kick.

The kids LOVE dehydrated kale chips. Just so full of yummy! Don’t add too much spinach to smoothies and add pineapple juice to balance the flavour.

I’m going to pick up either a vitamix or blendtec soon. I would love to make whole juices, but they are different than juice from a juicer. Thicker.

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