2 years

Today marks 2 years since Teagan’s vaccine injury.  I still can’t believe it has been that long, it’s a little surreal.

He looks good.  Doesn’t he look good??  He’s doing great.  Thankfully, we didn’t have nearly as many challenges in year 2 as we did year 1.  We faced a few, but we are on top of them.  His body is healing and as Dr. Taylor tells us, he just needs more time being healthy on his side than he was sick.  I agree with that.

His diet is good, which is huge for him.  It will always need to be good, but you know what, that’s NOT a bad thing!  We haven’t done GAPS full on, but we’ve done parts of it, we aren’t a full on Weston A Price family either, but we do many aspects, we aren’t paleo, but we do a lot of that too.  Healthy, alive, food with ferments for a healthy gut to keep the brain in check.  Healthy fats, no junk.  And we all feel so good.

He has some core strength issues, but given the level that he was sick and that his body just wasn’t working for such a long time, I think that is to be expected.  We’re working on it.

I guess the biggest change is that we put him in speech therapy around the new year.  We understand everything he says, but over the holidays when others had a hard time understanding him, we decided to have an evaluation done.  You can imagine our surprise when the eval came back and dated his expressive pronunciation at 2 years 4 months.  Yup, the *exact* age of his vaccine injury.  He’s going to speech once a week and he’s making wonderful progress.  We expect him to be all caught up by the fall!  Which is really great news, he’s working so hard and I’m so proud of him.

We are still working on supporting his Phase II liver detox pathways.  We’ve been in maintenance mode for awhile and I’m ready to do some real healing on this front.  The good news here is that we know his liver is handling things much better this year because some of his chemical sensitivities are starting to disappear.  We will always be mindful of what we bring in to our home and expose him to, but it has gotten much easier this year, MUCH easier and fewer reactions.  This is such a good sign that his liver function is improving.

He’s still left with food allergies, but you know, most of it is stuff we don’t really want to eat anyway, gluten, etc.  We did test raw milk this year, fermented first, and he did just fine with it.  He’s not on it at the moment, but we will likely move that direction at some point (maybe) with both he and Taryn once we’ve reached an even deeper level of healing.  Ty, Jason and I have added small amounts of raw milk back in to our diets this year.

If he gets sick, which is pretty rare these days, it lasts for maybe a day.  And it doesn’t cause a regression like it used to.  In fact, that feeling of panic when he would get sick, deep in my gut, doesn’t even pop up any more.  We know what to do when he gets sick – run to the fridge and chiropractor!  I don’t miss the days at all when he would get sick and we’d fear his body shutting down or a regression.  I love having a healthier family that rarely gets sick and when we do, it’s short lived.

Oh!  Oh!  And he recently traveled and it went great!  A year and a half ago we tried to travel with him and he regressed, it was too much for his body.  Since then, we’ve been to afraid to try again.  Memorial Day weekend Taryn and I went to visit my mom in New Orleans and my 3 boys drove up to Dallas to visit Lego Land.  A 3 hour drive each way, and they didn’t stay the night, but he did AWESOME!  Our next step will be an overnight trip within driving distance of home.  And then a weekend a little further way and we’ll slowly start to build it back up…..hopefully!  It’s been hard to not be able to travel over the last few years.  I hoping this year will bring us some freedom to do so.

What do I credit his healing to this year?  Gosh, so much!  Organic food, fermented foods and drinks, chiropractic, laser acupuncture, juicing, tons of antioxidants, neuro-immune stabilizer, trace minerals, enzymes, tons of water, sunshine, healthy fats and of course healing bone broth.

That sweet face up there steals my heart daily.  He’s kind and oh so funny.  He’s brought so many wonderful changes to our family.  It was a dark road to get us here, but we are in a good place.  A place of wellness and good health.  A place where we are happy and thankful.

I can’t believe it has been 5 months since I’ve updated this blog.  I have a lot of good reasons though.  I last updated around the holidays.  In January we pulled Taryn out of public school because they kept exposing her to food she’s allergic to.  We had the choice to either hire a lawyer at the advice of a professional advocate and sue the school for personal injury to force them in to providing a safe environment (yes, it actually got that serious, crazy, right?!) or homeschool.  We prayed a lot, we cried a lot, and as much as we wanted to make the school do the right thing by our daughter, it was too much negative energy for all of us.  It ended up being a blessing in disguise because homeschooling her is beyond amazing.  We love it!  It has taken so much stress off of all of us and we’re left scratching our heads wondering why on earth we didn’t do this sooner.  Life is much simpler, she is absolutely thriving.  Beyond thriving, she blew through 1st grade math in just a few weeks.  I just keep thinking, she would have been just sitting there for the rest of the year.  Teagan continued at his private preschool for quite awhile.  He recently decided he wanted to be homeschooled full time as well, and we let him make the decision to come home full time.  Pre-K dropout lol!  We love it, they are thriving, it works for us.

And our biggest news of the year…..we are expecting a new baby!  This might be old news to many of you as I’m already 22 weeks along and we announced some time ago over on our other blog.  But I figured we should share here as well because there may be a few who only visit us here.  We are beyond thrilled.  This pregnancy, with our better nutrition and health has been a dream compared to the other 3 (which were very rough).  The truth is, Jason and I tried for quite a long time before Teagan’s vaccine injury.  We stopped trying because we needed to focus on healing Teagan.  God knew what he was doing because there is no way I could have handled a pregnancy and newborn and healing Teagan at the same time.  I wasn’t healthy enough then either.  We are thrilled that this new little one is joining our family, the kids are excited, it’s a great time for us.  Definitely click over to my other blog if you’d like to follow along with our lives, healing, the new baby, etc.  I update there much more often than I do here!

As always, thank you for your support, love, kindness and prayers over the last two years.  It means the world to us.  Here is to good health!

Meagan {Green Motherhood} - I’m so happy to hear about Teagan’s continuing recovery. Thank you for continuing to tell your story, even when it is hard. God bless your family and your wonderful newest addition!

Terry McKaig - So happy to hear he is doing so well. I admire your determination and resolve in all of this. He is going to be such a strong and healthy boy (he already is) and he will have so much to share with others about his journey! A journey others need to hear! : ) Thanks for sharing!

Leyna - He DOES look great–bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, as my mom would say! Thank you for taking the time to share.

Teagan, you and your mama and your family have changed lives, buddy. It’s so wonderful to see you doing so well!

Heather@Mommypotamus - What a gorgeous little man he is! And you, mama, are amazing for all you’ve done to help heal him!

Heather - You’ve done amazing things in two years. So happy to hear that Teagan is doing so well. Thank you for sharing so much of your journey to help improve the health of my family as well.

Can’t wait to meet your newest addition! Wishing you all tons of health and happiness in all that you do.
:) Heather

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